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The Legacy Ring

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The Legacy Ring is more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry – it is a testament to the power of legacy. Our children are our legacy, and every decision we make, every action we take, helps to shape the world that we leave behind for them. The Legacy Ring is a reminder that our choices matter, and that we have the power to create a lasting impact that will be felt for generations to come.

This exquisite ring features an emerald cut center stone that is flanked by a delicate simulated diamond band. The emerald cut center stone symbolizes the beauty of the legacy we strive to create and the band represents the preciousness of our children and the strength and resilience that they will need to carry on our legacy.

The Legacy ring was named by Alexandra Douglas on the 4/4/23 "Name This Ring" giveaway.


• This gorgeous keepsake ring features a 6x8mm emerald cut center stone and a thin simulated diamond pave band.

• We offer this piece in 925 sterling silver and 18K rose gold plated.

• This listing is for one statement ring.

• This is a low profile ring, meaning the center stone sits flush to your finger. Because of its unique emerald cut, we do not currently have any rings that stack in perfect alignment with The Legacy.

• Keepsake stone design elements in these photos: 1-3 pure breastmilk, 4 breastmilk + pearl shimmer

If you are wanting a piece to wear frequently please choose SOLID GOLD. It is much more durable than sterling silver/plated, which is more suited for occasional wear.

For examples of all inclusion enhancements, please see our lookbook.

Please read the entire FAQ prior to making a purchase. Check our social media to see examples of stone designs. Our instagram has a stone design story highlight with tons of beautiful combinations of our stone design elements.

Additional milk preservation refers to the number of additional milk samples you'd like us to preserve. Some mamas would like us to preserve milk from breastfeeding multiple children.

You will receive a confirmation email with detailed shipping instructions on how to send your keepsake inclusions/milk (this is also detailed in the FAQ). After making a purchase, you can check on where your order is in the process by going to the order status page.

Every piece of keepsake jewelry is as beautiful and unique just as the story behind it. No piece will be 100% "perfect" as there are always small imperfections such as bubbles, evidence of sanding, etc. That is the nature of handcrafted jewelry. By purchasing a piece with Milk Couture Co., you are acknowledging that it will not be completely flawless.

Our current turnaround time from when we receive your breastmilk/keepsake until you receive your piece in the mail is approximately 4-16 weeks. This timeline is an estimate and subject to change.

Treat your precious keepsake jewelry/items as you would treat your grandmother's heirloom pearls - with great love and care.  Do not shower, bathe, wash hands, do dishes, work out, sunbathe, swim, or sleep while wearing your jewelry. Do not expose your jewelry to chemicals (lotion, perfume, hairspray, laundry/dish soap, etc.), extreme temperatures, humidity, extended UV light, or essential oils as this can discolor the keepsake stones. Do not store your jewelry in direct sunlight or in a humid area like a bathroom.

We recommend storing in a dark, dry area - preferably a small ziplock bag with an anti tarnishing strip. Do not store mixed metals together as that can accelerate tarnishing. For example, do not store silver pieces in the same place as gold plated pieces.

A silver polishing cloth is included with each jewelry order. We caution against using the cloth frequently on plated pieces and vermeil as it can strip the plating.

Please do not resize your keepsake rings. The stones do not hold up to the resizing process. If the ring is too loose, you can get a ring wrap which is a small plastic piece you can cut to size and wrap around the bottom of the ring to fig as snug as you'd like.