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Birthstone Pieces

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  • "Milk Couture Co. makes amazing jewelry! I swear this looks better than any ring I've seen. I am obsessed and will be ordering more. My sister got one from another jeweler and it pales in comparison. The perfect keepsake for breastfeeding memories!"

    Kelly U.

  • "My keepsake ring from Milk Couture Co. is absolutely stunning! Not only is the ring beautifully crafted and of great quality, but the packaging is exquisite! From the moment you receive your package you already know something extra special is inside! The boxes are beautiful, and the little bag and buffer towel that it's packaged with is all just so gorgeous! You can tell from start to finish that a lot of love and special care went into making this jewelry!"

    Christine M.

  • "I absolutely love my ring because it encapsulates this journey that has been such a bonding and meaningful experience between me and my baby. I am so grateful to have a beautiful piece that I will have to remember our time together forever."

    Nataleigh P.

  • "I can't say enough good things about my experience with Milk Couture Co.! My keepsake ring is beautiful and the quality is exceptional. Every detail was carefully crafted and I was blown away by the gorgeous packaging. I kept the cute little jewelry bag to store my ring in because the quality is just amazing! I can tell so much love was put into my special piece."

    Karen R.