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How to Select the Perfect Breastmilk Jewelry Style for *YOU*

How to Select the Perfect Breastmilk Jewelry Style for *YOU*

Hey Mamas! Cait here, owner and founder of Milk Couture Co.!

The most common question I hear from mamas who shop on my website is "how the heck do I choose a style?!?" So let's chat about it! Choosing the perfect piece to commemorate your breastfeeding journey doesn't have to be complicated - let's break it down. So, grab a cup of coffee, find a comfy spot, and let's get into the practical side of preserving those precious moments!

  1. Toi et Moi Style:

For those who would like to incorporate multiple keepsakes or a birthstone, the Toi et Moi style is a solid choice. This style has endless possibilities for customization since it has two stones in the piece. You can do two keepsakes, two birthstones, or one of each! The Mera necklace or the Kalah ring are definitely my suggestions for this style.

  1. Birthstone Pieces:

Bring more personal significance into your breastmilk jewelry by adding birthstones. Whether it's yours, your baby's, birthstones of all your children or a combo, it adds a subtle pop of color and makes your piece uniquely yours. It's like carrying a mini family tree with you! Our most popular birthstone pieces are the Heirloom and the Blessing rings.

  1. Hidden Halo:

If you're into subtlety, the hidden halo style might catch your eye. It is a beautiful design element where delicate diamonds encircle the keepsake stone underneath, creating an understated yet alluring effect. If you look at the ring from above, you won't see the halo, but it is visible from the side and it's just *so* tasteful. A few of my personal favorite hidden halo designs are the Grace and the Selah rings.

  1. Classic Halo:

Go full glam with your breastmilk jewelry by choosing the classic halo style. This design surrounds the keepsake stone with a circle of diamonds that sits flush to the keepsake stone (not under it like a hidden halo). It's a timeless look that truly represents your breastfeeding journey as a work of sparkling art. Some of our most popular halo pieces are the Evangeline Ring and the Luna Halo Necklace.

  1. Statement Rings:

Feeling bold? A statement breastmilk piece is for the mama who wants to shout out her jewelry from the rooftops! Larger designs, intricate patterns – go as big as you want. Your jewelry, your story, your way. I always say that breastmilk jewelry is like the engagement ring that YOU get to choose! ;) Some of my favorites are the Honor ring and the Haven ring.

  1. Minimalist:

For those who prefer a more laid-back vibe, the minimalist style is where it's at. Clean lines, simple settings, and a focus on the beauty of breastmilk or keepsake stone. Keep it low-key but still undeniably elegant. Some of our most dainty minimalist pieces are the My Little Love ring and the Beloved necklace.

  1. Boho:

Let your inner free spirit shine with a boho-inspired breastmilk piece. Think nature-inspired designs with a flowy elegance. It's the kind of jewelry that says you embrace your uniqueness! My most popular boho designs are the Seraphine and the Eden.

  1. Solitaire:

Classic never goes out of style! A solitaire breastmilk ring keeps it simple yet refined. Your stunning breastmilk or keepsake stone takes center stage, capturing your memories and most sacred moments in time. My recommendations for a stunning classic solitaire ring are the Goodnight Moon ring and the Last Drop ring.

  1. Vintage:

If you're into a touch of old-school charm, the vintage-inspired style might catch your eye. Intricate details, delicate filigree work – it's a nod to the past without feeling outdated. Perfect for the mama who loves a bit of nostalgia. I recommend checking out the Beautiful Dreamer, The Stella, and The Starlight rings. 


Don't stress mamas! :) There's no right or wrong in choosing your breastmilk jewelry. Each style is unique, just like your motherhood journey. If you're having trouble deciding, go with what your heart is telling you! There's probably one or two that really jumps out at you the most!

Each piece has a special and very intentional name, and maybe the name resonates with your story as well!

Feeling stuck on all the inclusion enhancement choices? I get it! The possibilites are endless which makes it a struggle to choose... but our lookbook will definitely help you narrow down your decision!

The good thing is if you like a lot of them, write them down and drop some hints! These make amazing ideas as gifts for Christmas, Birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day... all the special days!! I keep your breastmilk powder on hand for 2 years after your order is placed so you don't even need to send more breastmilk! Just drop that hint and give them your previous order number to fill in on the order form! :P

Have fun choosing and designing your dream keepsake piece! And of course, if you have any questions you can always reach out to me. I'm happy to help! <3

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